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Quality Aussies

Our puppies are raised to be awesome family pets, as well as talented working dogs!

Ranch Raised

Our dogs roam free on our working cattle ranch, as we believe in raising them with the freedom they deserve. They're not kennel dogs, but beloved pets, companions, and working partners. We keep our kennel small, offering only a few litters each year to ensure our dogs receive the love and attention they deserve.

Veterinarian Owned

& Operated

Dr. Lora Bledsoe's experience within the veterinary field ensures that our puppies receive exceptional care for both their physical and mental health. We take pride in their wellbeing, providing a strong foundation

for a happy and healthy life.

GW 3_06162021.jpg


Our girl Brumby is a star of National Geographic's "In the Womb: Animal Babies" TV show! The series provides a fascinating and in-depth look at Brumby's pregnancy journey from conception to birth, as well as her daily life as a hardworking ranch dog. You can now watch the series on Disney+ and witness the incredible experience of new life being brought into the world.

Welcome to Frying Pan Ranch

Nestled in the heart of the Eastern Plains of Colorado, our breeding program takes a unique

approach to producing top-quality Australian Shepherds.


Founded in 1918, Frying Pan Ranch is a working cattle ranch that has relied on exceptional dogs as

trusted family companions and essential partners on the ranch for generations.


We're proud to stay true to the breed's origins, ensuring that our Aussies are

intelligent, well-socialized, and possess sound minds and healthy bodies.


Our commitment to preserving the breed's exceptional traits enables us to produce superior dogs

that make great companions and dependable working partners.


     Dr. Lora Bledsoe


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